“This band works from the most melodic spectrum to the most whirling spectrum and flows from one extreme to another like fucking mercury (with weird metrics in between of course). The melodic hook, djent hook, tech-prog hook… too much for two ears and ten billion interconnected neurons… IRONSTONE, one of those fucking bands that offer three-dimensional, synesthetic music… hurtfully musical like LEPROUS, technical like ANIMAL AS LEADERS, progressive like PERIPHERY. ” 
Cesar Luis Morales – Necromance Magazine
“Some of the best bands in metal today are coming out of the Australian continent. Polaris, Northlane, In Hearts Wake, Make Them Suffer, the list goes on and on. Today, it gets larger with IRONSTONE and their debut EP, Prophecy.” 
Mike Reitemeier – New Fury Media
“From eye opening screams and crisp vocal harmonies, to incredibly clean production and superb lead guitar, IRONSTONE’s ‘Prophecy’ will undoubtedly draw good amounts attention and appreciation from the Australian metal community, which in my opinion is well deserved.” 
Alex Lynch – Forte Magazine
IRONSTONE present their own imaginative brand of progressive metal and the results are absolutely epic in scope.  Based within the vast confines of Australia, this young band possesses vibrantly skilled musicianship and highly memorable songs.  Prophecy is the name of the recent EP, and it’s sure to stun the senses of music fanatics all across this great big world.” 
Ken Morton – Highwire Daze Online





IRONSTONE is a progressive metal band from Bendigo, Australia. Making their break into the Melbourne metal scene in 2018, their high energy live performance and skilled musicianship soon turned heads and earned them the attention of many new fans. Greatly influenced by progressive giants such as Periphery, TesseracT and Twelve Foot Ninja, their music features the brutality of down-tuned percussive guitars and extreme vocals, balanced in delicate equilibrium with melodic choruses, thought-provoking lyrics and atmospheric layers. The result is a highly modern metal sound that is sophisticated and hard hitting.
IRONSTONE released a single and video for ‘Downpour’ in May 2020, closely followed by the release of their debut EP ‘Prophecy’. The 6 track EP received a great response from worldwide media and dozens of very positive reviews. The band has since followed up with a further single/video release, ‘Hollow’ in September 2020.
IRONSTONE is comprised of Dan Charlton on lead vocals, Edward Warren on lead guitar, Oliver Hosking on bass guitar, Aidan Kalms on rhythm guitar and Jackson Whyte on drums.









IRONSTONE are available to play venues and events. They are based in Melbourne/Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
For all inquiries please contact band manager, Annie Warren – contact@ironstoneband.com


IRONSTONE use Colonial Leather guitar straps and DR Strings, and are extremely grateful for their generous support.


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